Sports-related idioms used in business

At this stage of the game: at this time, after everything that has already been done.
Game plan: strategy.
In good shape: in good financial condition.
Level the playing field: to make conditions fair for everyone.
No sweat: no problem; it can be done very easily.
Not by a long shot: not at all.
Play the game: to act in the expected way.
Two can play at that game: if a person can do a bad thing to you, you can do the same bad thing to that person.



Bolster: to make something better or stronger.Leathery: having a tough and hard texture or appearance.
Churn (something) out: make a lot of something quickly.
Renowned: famous and respected by many people.
Encrusted: covered with something.
To thrust: push (something or someone) suddenly or violently in the specified direction.
To long: something like to chease for something, to wish, to desire.


Frugal: careful about using and spending money

Made (one’s) way: moved towards a destination or a goal

Sticking (something) out: continuing to stay and do something

Cut-rate: very low, inexpensive

End up: to eventually or unexpectedly come to a place or situation

Take on: to complete against a person, company, team, etc.

Leg: a part of a race or journey