Phrasal verbs for explaining problems

Fill (somebody) in on: to inform (or tell) somebody about something.

Deal with: to resolve a problem.

Screw up: to make a big mistake (informal).

Mess up: to make a big mistake (basic form).

Cover (something) up: to hide something.

Build up: to create and develop a business relationship.

Throw (something) away: to lose something important because of your actions.

Come about: to happen

Follow something up: to look into something further (or more)

Sort out: to organise something


Phrasal Verbs related to business meetings

Put off: to postpone

Come up: to happen

Stand in: to act on behalf of, to replace

Get through: to discuss, to cover

Run through: to look at, to examine – quickly

Run over: last longer

Call off: to cancel

Run into: to experience something unexpectedly

Sort out: to solve, to clear up

Go back to: to return

Go ahead: to continue

Go on: to go forward

Take down: to write down, to record

Bring up: to introduce, to start to talk about

Taking over: to take control of something (i.e. new role)

Phrasal Verbs about money

Cough up: to give / spend money unwillingly.
Lay out: to spend a lot of money.
Save up: keep money for the future.
Put aside: to save money for a specific purpose.
Scrape by: to live on very little money.
Dip into: to use a small amount of money set aside for a purpose.
Pay back: to return borrowed money.
Tide over: to have enough money up to a certain time.