Business idioms

Bottom line: final result, net income.

Money talks: those who have money also have power.

Money to burn: a lot of extra money.

Monkey business: dishonest practices.

Cost an arm and leg: to be very expensive.

In the pipeline: in progress, being prepared.

Selling the hotcakes: getting sold quickly, in large numbers. “The latest cell phone model was selling like hotcakes during the first month of its release“.

Feather one’s own nest: to use one’s position to get money for oneself. “The director used his connections to feather his own nest“.

Keep one’s head above water: to have just enough money to stay in business.

Make ends meet: to have enough money to pay for the things one needs.

Put one’s money where one’s mouth is: to stop talking and start doing something.

Tighten one’s belt: to spend less money.


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