Phrasal verbs with take I

Remove something

Take away: get rid
A short vacation will help take your stress away

Take down: remove; disassemble
We took down the bulletin board and replaced it with a whiteboard.

Take off: remove
In Asia, you may be expected to take off your shoes before entering a house.

Take out: remove
Greg took out all the trash from the shredding machine.

To get something

Take back: reclaim something that was initially yours; to withdraw something you have said or offered.
If the product doesn’t work, just return it with the receipt, and you can take your money back.

Take in: understand; comprehend
I couldn’t take in what the speaker was saying, so I asked him to explain it further.

Take on: hire
The diner had to take on more waiters to handle the holiday crowd.

Take +up

Take up: learn or start something new.
Even if I don’t like it, I will take up golf becaues it is good for business.

Take up with: associate with; spend much time with
Be careful not to take up with the wrong people when starting a business.

Take up (space): fill or occupy space
All these files are taking up the space on my desk; I can’t work anymore.


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