Idiomatic expressions with Food

Eat humble pie: to be forced to apologize or admit one’s mistake
Egg someone on: to force someone to do something
Gravy train: a job or any other source of income that requires little work for good pay

Hot potato: a sensitive issue or problem
In a nutshell: briefly; in short; in summary
In the soup: to be in a difficult situation; in trouble
Just one’s cup of tea: something that one likes or is interested in (the opposite of this idiom would be not one’s cup of tea, which refers to something that one doesn’t like or is not interested in)
Spice things up: to make something more interesting, exciting or lively
Spill the beans: to reveal information or the truth about something, especially a secret
Take something with a pinch of salt: to consider something as not totally true or reliable.
Put all your eggs in one basket: to depend or rely on one thing; to focus one’s resources on one possibility
Bear fruit: to produce results
Big cheese: a very important and influential person
Someone’s bread and butter: a person’s main source of income or livelihood
Bring home the bacon: to earn a living, especially for a family
Butter someone up / butter up to someone: to be very nice to someone in order to get something in return
As cool as a cucumber: very calm and relaxed, especially in a difficult situation
Cream of the crop: the best of a certain group
Cry over spilled milk: to get upset over something that can no longer be undone
Be the toast of a group or a place: to be the person who is most favored by a group of people or by the people in a place


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