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Mentre leggo nasce il desiderio di scrivere. Mentre scrivo sento il desiderio di leggere.

How to express possibility

How to express possibility using MAY, MIGHT and COULD. Past Tinytech Ward may / might / could have learned about Galaxy Tech's new laptop models when Galaxy Tech's email servers were hacked. Present The engineers of Tinytech Ward may / might / could be studying GT's plans for the new laptops right this minute! Future … Leggi tutto How to express possibility


Bolster: to make something better or stronger.Leathery: having a tough and hard texture or appearance. Churn (something) out: make a lot of something quickly. Renowned: famous and respected by many people. Encrusted: covered with something. To thrust: push (something or someone) suddenly or violently in the specified direction. To long: something like to chease for … Leggi tutto Vocabulary