Phrasal verbs with “out”

Drag out: takes more time than necessary

Found out: discovered information about something

Hold out: wait; say no until you get what you want

Leave out: do not include

Pull out of: withdraw from

Stepped out: left a place

Throw out: dispose

Try out: test something to see if you like it

How it turns out: how something ends

Watch out for: be aware of; be careful of


Describing the rise and fall in sales

Our net income last year started at ______.

Last year’s net income started at ______.

Our average sales productivity is ______.

Sales remained the same in ______.

This continued until ______.

By ______, sales began to drop due to ______.

Sales continued to go down steadly until they reached a slump in ______.

By ______, sales began to increase due to ______.

Sales continued to rise in ______.

Sales reached a sharp increase in ______.

Sales for our ______ experienced a dramatic recovery.

There was steady growth in ______.

Sales reached their peak during ______.

Sales have held stable since then.

Words to describe trends

Goin up, increasing, rising, climbing, growing, soaring, surging, bouncing, elevating.


Boom, bounce, climb, elevate, escalate, go up, grow, increase, pick up, rally, reach a high, recover, rise, rocket, soar.


A boom, a bounce, a climb, an elevation, an escalation, a growth, an increase, a rally, a recovery, a rise.

Staying flat, remaining flat, static, constant, stable.


Flatten out, hold steady, level off, remain constant, stabilize.


A flattening out, a level, a constancy, a stability.

Going down, falling, dropping down, tumbling, plummeting.


Bottom out, collapse, crash, decline, decrease, drop, fall, falter, go down, plummet, plunge, slide, slump.


A bottom, a collapse, a crash, a decline, a decrease, a drop, a fall, a plummit, a plunge, a slide, a slump.